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These XState v4 docs are no longer maintained

XState v5 is out now! Read more about XState v5 (opens new window) and check out the XState v5 docs (opens new window).

Below is an incomplete collection of many resources for learning and applying XState in real-world applications. Check out the Awesome XState (opens new window) collection on GitHub for even more resources!

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# Courses

Official Course

Watch the official State Machines in JavaScript with XState (opens new window) course by @davidkpiano (opens new window) on Frontend Masters! In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of state machines and statecharts, from building your own without any libraries in pure JavaScript, up to using XState to take advantage of a wide variety of other features.

The workshop code examples are open-sourced and available on GitHub (opens new window).

There is also a follow-up course: State Modeling with React and XState (opens new window). Once you've gone through the first course, be sure to take this one too so you can learn how to apply state machines and statecharts to real-world apps and master advanced concepts such as spawning/invoking actors and model-based testing.


Explore a collection of professionally-designed state machines and statecharts in the XState Catalogue (opens new window). You can copy-paste these machines directly into your projects, as well as visualize them directly in the catalogue.

Other great courses and guides:

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