# Showcase

There are many developers and teams using XState in the wild, to help control various aspects of their applications, in the frontend and backend, and in many different frameworks (or even without a framework!):

  • The Hashicorp Vault project uses XState to control contextual user flows for getting new users up and running. The machines are in the open-source repository.
  • The Service Workies game has many levels whose flows are controlled by XState.
    • https://twitter.com/geddski/status/1090404900318502912
  • "At bridge21.com we are re-writing our site using XState 3 and react-automata. It's a game changer.
  • KongHQ has it "...deployed to production in Kong to handle form states (error, loading, modal, fetch machines etc.) in our Vue app"
  • "Using XState 4 extensively in 4D Healthware's frontend app.
  • "We are using XState at Meru Health in our React Native app for managing many interactions.
  • "I used XState in a touchable app for the Royal Tyrrell Museum (Alberta - Canada) and documented its use in this article: "Modeling a Screensaver with a Statechart, a real use case"."
  • "Used XState for the navigation of a keg analytics web-app BinaryBeer."
  • "Used XState to model data fetching and filtering of a collection of products 👉 stimm.com"
  • "We're now using xstate to power a couple of the more complicated interactions at my place in our Behavior Insights Engine at Maritz.
  • At Cypress we chose XState to manage state for our open source Real World App. The app is a payment application used to demonstrate real-world usage of Cypress testing methods, patterns, and workflows. The machines are used for several different types of scenarios present in modern, responsive web applications.